Pinfluence by Beth Hayden – Marketing with Pinterest

Are you on Pinterest?

The social web startup caught fire around May 2011, quickly attracting 17.8 million users by February 2012 and sparking new ideas within the tech industry. That’s an insane amount of growth for around a year.


Gary Vaynerchuk saw the potential for the interest graph, which is powerful because  just as the social graph on Facebook, the interest graph can become a super-powerful tool for those interested in advertising.

I was browsing the marketing section of my local bookshop when I found a book called Pinfluence (written by Beth Hayden for Wiley), the book sets out to help marketing folks, entrepreneurs, retailers, and publishers drive traffic to your site, connect, and convert visitors into customers.

The book is an extensive guide for beginners and includes a lot of tips to consider, like identity who you want to target, There’s also a great variety of techniques for you to try within your niche.

The tricky thing about Pinterest is making it work for you.

It works really well for the community following wearabl – an online t-shirt retailer, but not so much for my blog, CreativeBlogger. Want to know if Pinterest is worth your time? Read how to measure the value of Pinterest over at  Copyblogger. Take a look at the book when you get a chance and definitely give Pinterest a go … it could mean the difference between the traffic you have now and an insane increase tomorrow.

Chris Rice is an SEO with Sachs Marketing Group. He writes about WordPress themes, plugins, and services for entrepreneurial bloggers at CreativeBlogger. Get more from him on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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