Christopher steps in as editor of Fuel Your Venture

christopher riceLast April I stepped in as editor of Fuel Your Blogging and thought it’d be fun to introduce myself to the community with a little April Fool’s post.

A four leaf clover

Today I’m stepping in as editor of Fuel Your Venture, but because it’s Saint Patrick’s day I’d like to explore how the leaves of an old Celtic symbol can relate to the approach you take with your start up. Let’s take a look!


If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ve probably heard your fair share of ”so, when are you going to get a real job?”. And if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you don’t let it get to you … you push forward because you know what you’re working on is going to be awesome. It may not be for everyone, but it’s going to very exciting for someone.


It always surprises me to hear entrepreneurs reveal, “I didn’t expect this,” when asked about their success, because at the heart of every venture there’s someone with a lot of hope. If there weren’t, the venture wouldn’t last very long. You have to hope for the best, always.


You’ve gotta have that passion if you want your startup to grow and take off … and the only thing that fuels passion is love. No one else is going to love, let alone care, about your project … so the love better be coming from you. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you aren’t making any money on day one … or day 30 … 60 … or even day 365, so you better be sure you’re in love with what you’re doing because chances are it’s not going to pay the bills in the early days.


The fourth, and most recognized virtue of the four leaved clover, is luck … and despite your hard work and talent, you’re going to need a bit of this as well. Talent and hard work will definitely get you places, but it’s the bit of luck that gives you the curveball you need. In most cases, you’ll experience luck because of your hard work. Ask most entrepreneurs and they’ll reveal that had they not made the effort to merit an invite to some networking event, they never would have met the person that took interest in their idea and introduced him or her to their associate, who eventually funded their venture.

Keep these four virtues close as you set out on your venture, as they’ll always guide you in the right direction.

Who is this leprechaun?

If you’ve stuck around this far, I suppose I better reveal a bit about who I am and why I’m stepping in as editor here at Fuel Your Venture.

My name’s Christopher Rice — I’m the co-founder of wearabl and the editor over at Fuel Your Blogging. Though I’ve been blogging for a while now, I’ve always had that entrepreneurial spark people talk about. I began early … going door to door selling mistletoe I’d cut from trees and packaged to celebrate the holidays. It was a hit … even triggering copycats in the neighborhood.

Blogging appealed to me because it was immediate and required little dependence on anyone.

As I grew as a blogger, I began creating premium solutions for the communities for which I was publishing. It was until recently I teamed up with my cousin and began a stand alone venture. I’ve already learned a lot, but I hope to continue learning and relaying that knowledge to you so you can make informed decisions for your own ventures.

Looking forward to exploring the world of the startup venture with you guys!

Connect with me on twitter @ChristophrRice

Chris Rice is an SEO with Sachs Marketing Group. He writes about WordPress themes, plugins, and services for entrepreneurial bloggers at CreativeBlogger. Get more from him on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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